Our fleet comprises only Land Rover Defenders and Toyota Hilux.  These cars are revered worldwide as among the greatest off-road vehicles ever.  Their adaptability and ruggedness combine with modern comforts to provide self-sufficiency and dependability for visiting the remotest parts of the country.

All vehicles are Defender 110 Utilities or Toyota Hilux Double Cab models, identical in colour and specification to those shown in our photos.  They come in 2 configurations: the ‘4×1’ model has a large 4-person tent while the ‘2×2’ model has 2 smaller 2-person tents.  The Toyotas are only available in the 2×2 configuration.

The cars all benefit from the power and efficiency of modern Euro 5 or 6 grade diesel engines and 6 speed manual gearboxes.  The luggage areas are fitted with bespoke cage systems for the efficient storage of the equipment provided and allows ample space for personal luggage.

The following considerations may help you decide which vehicle would suit you better:

  • The Toyota offers much greater space and comfort.  The Toyota’s luggage area is considerably bigger than the Land Rover’s, and the opening sides to the luggage area enable much easier access. Drivers who are taller than 1.9m / 6’3″ may find the Land Rover too small to comfortably or safely drive.
  • The Land Rover’s basic design dates from 1983. It therefore feels very different to modern cars, and is relatively slow and noisy.  The Toyota matches modern expectations in these regards.
  • Go for the Toyota if reliability is paramount. Our vehicles are maintained to the very highest standards. But the fact is that the Land Rovers are older vehicles.  And even Land Rover fans would probably concede that Toyota has a better reputation for reliability.
  • The Toyota’s tents can be opened and closed standing on the ground and side steps. The tents on the Land Rover require climbing onto the bonnet and roof to be opened and closed.
  • Both vehicles are very capable off-road, but ultimately, we think you’re less likely to get stuck in the mud in a Land Rover.

Download our full Vehicle Guide here.