New Addition to the Fleet

July 4, 2017 by Duncan

The Scotland Overland fleet grows again!

The observant amongst you will notice it’s not a Land Rover. Alas, while Land Rover isn’t making Defenders, life goes on. And so must we. We’re looking forward to seeing the new Defender – whenever (if ever?) – it arrives, but in the meantime we’re branching out.

You’ll know the Toyota Hilux from TV footage of war zones. When Overland Journal (our favourite magazine) traversed Antarctica, they used these. So it should be capable enough to tackle the Isle of Skye (even when raining).

We’ve gone for the very basic UN Peacekeeper / rebel insurgent specification. Easier to clean, less to break, and we’re just not that keen on chrome.

Now to figure out where to fit the tent, fridge, storage units, procure the gear, get it photographed, the instructions written, add it to the website…….

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