DS - Balmoral (Edit)The Balmoral might be Edinburgh’s most prestigious hotel, but we’re sure you’d agree it looks classier if you park a few Land Rovers outside it.

NvB - Sunk (Edit)For the Dutch readers among you, here is a PDF copy of the article published in the de Volkskrant newspaper about their journalist’s ‘eventful’ trip in one of our Land Rovers.

DS - Ben Damph (Edit)Yesterday we met the manager of an estate in Wester Ross, and we’re delighted to say that they’re happy to open their land to our vehicles. This enables our clients to drive tracks and camp in places otherwise inaccessible to the public. The estate has about 8 miles of rough tracks, running along the spectacular coastline of Upper Loch Torridon, and running inland alongside a stark and dramatic inland loch, with some truly great camping locations.

Autumnwatch Screen ShotIf you didn’t see it last week, check the episodes of Autumnwatch on the BBC iPlayer to see how their team captured never-before seen footage of deer rutting from one of our Land Rovers.

Outdoorx4Thanks to Jonathan Nimerfroh, Nantucket-based photographer and client of ours, who recently had an article about his Scotland Overland experience published in OutdoorX4 magazine.  The article can be previewed here.  Also check out Jonathan’s excellent website for some inspired images.

Watch the new series of Autumnwatch on the BBC next week to see not just what animals get up to in autumn, but also how useful roof tents are as a hide for wildlife spotting.

Glen Affric

Glen Affric

Walk Highlands – one of the best internet sources for Scotland’s Outdoors – has voted for it’s favourite glens.  We agree with their reckonings, and can recommend excellent camping spots in all those that have vehicle access (and where best to aim for nearby for those that don’t).

XT - CrossingRachael Parke, a recent client of ours wrote the following about her trip: “What a great holiday! Although windy and a little rain we were cosy and very well equipped, we are already discussing hiring two next year….think we’ve got ourselves a convoy!”

DS - Unit 1DS - Unit 3DS - Unit 2Scotland Overland has a new home.  And best of all, there’s a brewery next door!

DS - Nene UndoneOur latest acquisition has just been fitted with it’s tent by Nene Overland in Peterborough.