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We tried the new Defender at the weekend. Must say, it was very nice. We still can’t quite work out how to make the reduced luggage area work for us. But watch this space….

Our first post-lockdown clients have already returned from their trips, and happily reported that around Scotland everything is steadily returning to normal.

Here’s hoping that with sensible precautions this continues!

Happily, today many lockdown restrictions have eased in Scotland. Pubs, restaurants, museums and tourist attractions can now open.

Scotland has had nearly a week without any Covid 19 related deaths, and we obviously hope this continues with the sensible precautions being taken.

We are very interested to finally see pictures of the new Ineos Grenadier, which has been revealed today. It’s much closer in spirit and design to the original Defender than Land Rover’s own new Defender is.

It is due for launch in late 2021. Given that Land Rover’s new Defender doesn’t seem to have sufficient interior load space for us to be able to consider it, this may better fit the bill. We look forward to seeing it in the flesh.

Ineos is a British chemical company, but with the demise of the original Defender, it has seen the opportunity to build a truly utilitarian vehicle.

We can’t wait to be able to see these things again. Not long now hopefully….

The Scottish government has just announced that – all going well – the tourism sector could reopen on July 15th.

Here’s hoping. Continued social distancing guaranteed.

Even stuck in Coronavirus lockdown we find ourselves playing around with Land Rovers. Almost more sophisticated than the real thing.

A reminder of happier times last winter. Looking forward to happier times ahead. Stay safe.

Want to know how it all works? Our Vehicle Guide has been revised and updated for 2020 (download from here).

Fancy a Valentine’s with a difference? Try camping. In Scotland. In February (…and find out how much you really love each other).